WATCH: Eric Metaxas Calls on the Church to ‘Wake Up’ or Face Disastrous Consequences

Metaxas’ warning is hauntingly familiar to that of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


Eric Metaxas isn’t afraid to speak difficult truths into an increasingly secularized culture, and he’s issuing a clarion call to the American Church to do likewise, warning that neglecting this call will lead to disastrous consequences.

“There are many pastors and Christian leaders being silent in the face of evil today,” the bestselling author and radio host told The Christian Post. “They are not all consciously working for the devil, they are, nonetheless, effectively working for the devil because they are unaware that what they’re doing is not what God calls His Church to do.”

Metaxas penned his latest book, Letter to the American Church, out of a conviction that the Church must “wake up” to the realities of evil and stand for biblical truth. In it, he draws from both history and the Bible to highlight the need for the church to speak out against societal evils.

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TAKE ACTION: Give a copy of Metaxas’ book to your pastor and your bishop (lookup your bishop’s mailing address).