Archbishop Vigano Announces New Entity to Help Religious Victims of “Deep Church”

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From Archbishop Vigano’s message:

The Church is going through a very serious crisis, mirroring that of civil governments: those who hold positions of power have shown themselves to be enemies of the institution they oversee and of the people over whom they exercise their authority. This subversive action leads those who are not willing to accept the betrayal to become the object of persecution: just as the doctors who chose to treat patients during the pandemic lost their licenses and were deprived of their salary, so the priests and religious who they do not adapt to the Bergoglian revolution are being removed from churches, expelled from convents, and left without any means of support. And what is most disconcerting is that the persecutions of those who are good multiply with impunity, while at the same time those who carry them out show themselves to be conciliatory and “inclusive” towards the enemies of the Church: heretics, perverts and those who are corrupt remain in their positions, indeed they are promoted and encouraged in sin and vice by the very ones whom Christ commanded to protect the flock from rapacious wolves. On the other hand, in the marvelous world of Santa Marta, convents and religious houses must be sold in order to transform them into resorts or lucrative immigrant “welcoming centers.” Or, more simply, they are sold in order to compensate for the millions in reparations that the Dioceses must pay to the victims of their corrupt clergy and the financial hole resulting from the disaffection of the faithful.

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