‘I Hate Catholic People’: Students at ‘Catholic’ Loyola University Harass Faithful Students Protesting On-Campus Drag Queen Show

Three students at Loyola University Chicago (LUC), a Jesuit Catholic university, recently held a protest in opposition to a drag show on campus.

The drag show in question was held on April 14, titled “Drag Race.” The event was sponsored by the university’s Department of Programming and the Rainbow Connection.

According to video footage and exclusive audio obtained by Campus Reform, the group of protesters stood their ground at the top of a campus staircase, being shouted down by their classmates.

“Show your face!” and “Turn around b***h!” were just some of the statements hurled at the protesters.

Another student was caught on an exclusive audio recording saying “I hate Catholic people,” which elicited cheers from fellow protesters. Moments after this interaction, the audio recording picks up what sounds like a counter-protester stealing posters from the group of students.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Loyola’s President Mark Reed at president@luc.edu and let him know what you think.