Joe Biden Must Be The World’s Worst Catholic

President Joe Biden’s self-delusion seems to be boundless. When he looks in the mirror, he apparently sees an upright Irish Catholic true to the historic values of his deeply rooted religious identity. He is, in fact, an appalling Catholic who publicly flouts the church’s most cherished teachings and is about as authentically Irish as a leprechaun hat in a St Patrick’s Day parade.

Let’s be clear: Biden is perfectly entitled to believe whatever he wants. Many Americans – including many Catholics – will agree with his views, for example, on the issue of abortion, which once saw him denied Holy Communion on the campaign trail in South Carolina. What sticks in the craw is his willingness to use his Irish Catholic identity to burnish his image while seemingly knowing nothing about either.

Not for Joe Biden the moral wrestling of serious Catholics. His schtick is “compassion”. And now he is a warrior for the rights of parents to approve “gender-affirming transitional medical care” for their children.

It’s been several years since Pope Francis first denounced radical gender ideology. He has rejected the idea of teaching children that “everyone can choose their own sex”, while the American bishop Thomas Paprocki has reminded his flock that the church “teaches that the removal or destruction of healthy sexual and reproductive organs is a type of mutilation and intrinsically evil”.

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