Cardinal Warns Church About Slipping Into Idolatry of ‘Mother Earth…Gaia’ Worship

Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, the former President of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum and defender of the dubia cardinals, has written a review of biblical and other related sources with regard to the relationship between the Creator – God – and His creation, the earth, the cosmos, the animals. His analysis, written for LifeSiteNews (published in full below), is aimed to assess the question of whether or not it is fitting for a Christian to worship “Mother Earth.” This theme was present during the Amazon synod in Rome which concluded in October.

As it is shown with the help of multiple sources – not the least St. Paul – creation that was originally “good” in God’s eyes, was deeply wounded after the Fall of Man. Writes Cordes: “In St. Paul, the contrast between God and the cosmos is evident; the Apostle attributes it to sin, which came into the world through the First Man (Rom 5:12).”

The 85-year-old cardinal, who has lived in Rome since 1980, shows that such a “brief biblical review is critical of any nature mysticism. Homogenous planetary religions, esotericism and shamanism line its path.”

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