Plenty of Time for Celebs, But No Time for Dubia Cardinals

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It seems Pope Francis has plenty of time on his hands to personally meet with world celebrities, many who oppose Catholic teaching. Here’s just a partial list:

Antonio Banderas Orlando Bloom Andrea Bocelli Bono
George Clooney Leonardo DiCaprio Gloria Estefan Joseph Fiennes
Richard Gere Angelina Jolie Ban Ki-moon Candice King
Fr. James Martin Joseph Muscat Gitanas Nausèda Russell Nelson
Katy Perry Robert Redford Jeffrey Sachs Martin Scorsese
Arnold Schwarzenegger Sting Mark Wahlberg Mark Zuckerberg
Lionel Messi Greta Thunberg The Harlem Globe Trotters Eduardo Verástegui

But for some reason, Francis can’t find the time to meet the Cardinals who submitted the Dubia questions in March 2016.  When it comes to matters involving faith and morals, it seems Francis is just too busy to be bothered.