The Long War for Female Catholic Priests is Reaching its Climax

The St. Gallen mafia’s long war to revolutionize the priesthood has now reached a decisive moment. The showdown for the soul of the priesthood is here, raging at the Amazon Synod.

Soon after the synod started, Bishop Erwin Kräutler admitted that the synod was “maybe a step to” women priests. The explosive confession came after he had already endorsed a female diaconate and said that “indigenous people don’t understand celibacy” at a synodal press conference. Notably, just a few months earlier, Kräutler participated in a secretive pre-synodal “study meeting” proposing the ordination of married men and a female diaconate. Four of Kräutler’s fellow participants — Cardinals Hummes, Baldisseri, Czerny, and Schönborn — are now on the commission responsible for the synod’s final document.

Another participant in the private study meeting was Cardinal Walter Kasper — a key alumnus of the St. Gallen mafia.

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