A Bishop’s Failure to Enforce Canon Law Does Not Excuse His Faithful From Following It

It needs no long blog post from a canon lawyer to explain how wrong would be a failure by a bishop to protect his faithful against scandal (CCC 2284, 2287) and/or to defend the Eucharist against potential sacrilege (CCC 2120) but, make no mistake, in reiterating that “it is not [his] policy” to withhold holy Communion from persons in ‘same-sex … Read more

Some Suggest Archbishop Viganò’s Call for Francis’ Resignation is a Mistake – It’s Not — IF the Charges Viganò has Made are True

Apologies for a long post; I don’t have time to write a short one. I don’t mean to single out Fr. Raymond de Souza, whom I have read with profit many times, but his essay over at National Catholic Register, “It’s time to turn down the temperature”, touches on several issues related to the clergy … Read more