MUST SEE: Fr. Frank Pavone’s Interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall

  The leader of the pro-life movement in America, Father Frank Pavone talks with Dr. Taylor Marshall about the Vatican’s recent decree declaring Father Frank Pavone as being “removed from the clerical state.” What happened in the background and how is this Vatican decision just? Does it relate to his support of President Trump? Was … Read more

Taylor Marshall Says Francis Teaching ‘Heresy,’ May Not Be Pope

  Taylor Marshall, leading Catholic commentator and author of Infiltration – The Plot to Destroy the Church From Within – has publicly affirmed that Pope Francis taught heresy in his February 2 Wednesday audience and that “a ‘heretical pope’ ipso facto loses the papacy.” His comments come after a recent podcast explaining the Church’s teaching … Read more

WATCH: Taylor Marshall’s Excellent Critique of Cardinal Cupich’s Speech

  Dr. Taylor Marshall took to YouTube on Monday to provide a critique of Cardinal Blase Cupich’s speech this past weekend at the Chicago March for Life. How can a Cardinal of the Catholic Church get Catholic teaching so wrong? TAKE ACTION: Contact Blase Cupich at 312.751.8200 or and let him know what you … Read more

WATCH: Bishops Protect Biden

  After last week’s United States bishops meeting, it is clear that the US bishops are complicit and protecting (and promoting) Biden. They will follow the example of Francis and the Diocese of Rome lockstep.   TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop to express your disappointment in the bishops’ failure to protect the sanctity of the … Read more

Should Immoral Priests Be Removed?

  The Laity feel betrayed in the aftermath of the revelations about Ex Cardinal McCarrick. How should priests help the laity in the time. Father John Hollowell speaks to how priests and bishops can be held accountable. He makes suggestions for Catholic seminarian training. If you care about the reform of the Catholic Church, this … Read more

Why Won’t Pope Francis Respond to Viganò?

Why Won’t Pope Francis Respond to Viganò? As a follow up to why did Pope Benedict resign, we look at the political history of Pope Francis and the influence of the Argentinian ruler Juan Perón (1895-1974). We examine the clip of Francis on the plane when he says he will “not say one word” regarding … Read more