The Death Of Richard Sipe

This is almost cinematic: A.W. Richard Sipe, one of the foremost figures in the Roman Catholic sex abuse scandal drama, died Wednesday night at his California home. He was 85. In a retrospective of Sipe’s life, Terence McKiernan of the Bishop Accountability site writes: A. W. Richard Sipe truly invented the rigorous study of the clergy … Read more

The Meaning Of The Benedict Option

A rock-solid Catholic priest who has spent decades in the trenches for orthodox Christianity, but who has grown very weary of the spinelessness of the episcopacy, writes in about his frustration with “the many ‘good’ bishops”: They will not act. They just talk and wait. Meanwhile the “New Paradigm” spreads ever further so they move … Read more

When Two Gay Catholic Tribes Go To (Cold) War

N., an exceptionally well-informed lay Catholic, tells me that there are two basic tribes of gay bishops and priests. The first tribe is the Progressives — some sexually active, others not — who believe homosexuality should be normalized by the Catholic Church, and are pushing openly for the Church to change its teachings to reflect … Read more

This Is What Priests Have Come To Know

Here is an excerpt from the “pastoral reflection” of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington and immediate successor of Cardinal — sorry, now just “Archbishop” — Theodore McCarrick. It is the cardinal’s Deep Thoughts on the revelation that a prince of the church was an experienced rapist of boys and seminarians: What is particularly disheartening, certainly … Read more

Msgr Kalin & #MeToo Conservatives

We Catholics ought to thank God that the abuse committed by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick against young men under his authority is finally coming to light. As a former priest, however, I fear that the bishops may be tempted to allow McCarrick to become a scapegoat for abusive patterns – sexual and otherwise – running … Read more

The Cost of Clericalism

The bishops cannot fix the problem because the bishops, and the system that produces them, are at the heart of the problem. You might have missed this update to a blog I put up last night. Phil Lawler, who is, as ever, a must-read on the scandal, unearthed it and posted it yesterday. It’s a 2003 exchange … Read more

Uncle Ted’s ‘Special Boy’

When I speak to James by phone, I ask him what he would have to say to the people – bishops, priests, and laymen – who know who Theodore McCarrick is and what he did to people, but who are to this day keeping the old man’s secrets. “I would say, ‘What is so important … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick’s Network

One obvious next step in the Cardinal McCarrick story is uncovering more victims of his abuse. We now know of two. I would bet that there will surely be more. But that’s not the most interesting or important part of the story. The key now is to uncover the networks within the clergy and episcopate. … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick: Everybody Knew

Remember how, after Harvey Weinstein was busted as a serial sexual abuser, it emerged that a whole lot of people knew this about Weinstein, but never said anything about it? The same thing is true about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was outed today (by the Catholic Church) as having sexually abused a minor years ago. … Read more