Why Did Pope Francis Schedule Sex Abuse Summit on Feast of St. Peter Damian, Bane of Homosexual Clergy?

When my translation of St. Peter Damian’s Book of Gomorrah was first published, I sent a copy to Pope Francis. The book was dedicated to him as pope and to all of his successors, “that they might heed the counsel of St. Peter Damian and fulfill their solemn duty to protect and preserve the moral and doctrinal … Read more

Chilean Gov’t Investigating Hundreds of Priests for Sex Abuse – Most Victims Are Male Adolescents

Chilean prosecutors are currently investigating 126 Catholic clergy or members of religious orders accused of sexually preying on minors and adults, following an explosion of protests over Pope Francis’ support of a Chilean bishop accused of complicity in sex abuse in January of this year. As is the case in the sex abuse crisis in … Read more

Pope Francis Attacked and Stonewalled Sex Abuse Victims While Archbishop of Buenos Aires

The world is currently focused on Pope Francis’ involvement in the affair of clerical sex abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. However, the recent claims made by former apostolic nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò against Pope Francis in the matter are only the beginning of a long record of sex abuse cover-ups by Pope Francis and Cardinal … Read more

Viganò Corroboration #3: Pope Benedict Confirms He Disciplined McCarrick

Pope Emeritus Benedict has confirmed the claim that he acted during his tenure to discipline now ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in response to accusations of sexual abuse, according to sources that have spoken to the National Catholic Register. If true, the Pope Emeritus’ confirmation that he knew about McCarrick and sought to punish him lends strong weight … Read more

Flashback: Pope Condemns ‘Horrendous Crime’ of Sodomy, Hands-Over Guilty Clerics to Secular Authorities

The year was 1568, but the situation in the Catholic Church was uncomfortably similar to our own. After many decades of corruption and moral decadence, the Church faced the scandal of a clergy who were widely reputed to be involved in the “horrendous crime” of sodomy. When the saintly Pope Pius V was elected in … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick and the Gay Mafia: Corruption of Clergy Now Rivals the Age of the Borgias

The scandal of Cardinal McCarrick’s record of sexual abuse of seminarians and of minor children is sending waves of horror through the Church, as Catholics increasingly meditate on its disturbing implications. It is now clear that McCarrick’s reputation as a sexual predator was widely known in the Catholic hierarchy for decades, and nothing was done … Read more