Francis Pens Preface to New Book: ‘Women and Ministries in the Synodal Church’

Pope Francis has written the preface to the book “Women and Ministries in the Synodal Church,” authored by three theologians and two cardinals who participated in the meeting of the Council of Cardinals, C9, this past February at the Vatican. The theologians, noted Vatican News, are Salesian Sister Linda Pocher, professor of Christology and Mariology … Read more

Cardinals Müller and Schönborn: Ordination of Women is Impossible

Shortly after Pope Francis opposed the possibility of an ordained female diaconate, two German-speaking cardinals publicly have said that only men can be ordained to the priesthood. “Women cannot be called to this office,” Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller told Swiss portal on June 7. “The priest represents Christ in his manhood.” The German cardinal, … Read more

Francis, “Deaconettes,” and the St. Gallen Mafia

“No,” Pope Francis said. He was answering Norah O’Donnell’s question about whether “a little girl growing up Catholic today” could “ever have the opportunity to be a deacon and participate as a clergy member in the Church.” Directly and tersely, the pope said, “No.” It was a seemingly definitive response—and across the social media site … Read more

Synod Cardinal AGAIN Falsely Claims Catholic Teaching on Male-Only Priesthood ‘Can be Changed’

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich has falsely claimed that the Church could change its teaching on a solely male priesthood and open the door to female ordinations. In an interview with the Swiss outlet, Hollerich, who is the relator general of the Vatican’s Synod on Synodality, said that the Church’s rejection of female ordinations “is not … Read more

Is Francis Signaling Women’s Ordination in Foot Washing Ceremony?

Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 women inmates at a Roman prison Thursday evening, the first time any pope included no men in the Holy Thursday ritual. The Church’s practice of washing the feet of 12 people is intended as a commemoration of the moment at the Last Supper when Jesus washed the feet … Read more

Female Synod Adviser Appointed by Pope Francis Says ‘Women Deacons’ are a ‘Possibility’

One of the female advisers appointed to the Synod by Pope Francis has said women deacons are “a possibility.” In an interview with the news outlet of the German bishops,, theology professor Maria Lucchetti Bingemer said that thanks to Pope Francis, “There is already more visibility of women in leadership positions, and this creates … Read more

Vatican Says Women Deacons on Docket for Next Synod

Organizers of Pope Francis’s ongoing Synod of Bishops on Synodality announced Thursday that ten different working groups had been formed in the Roman Curia to address specific topics that came out of last year’s session. These topics, they said, are restricted to issues mentioned inside of the synod hall and include hot-button questions such as … Read more