Will Congress FINALLY Hold Catholic Charities Accountable For Its Facilitation Of Illegal Immigration?

Your browser does not support the video tag. I’m Michael Voris coming to you from the nation’s Capitol, where the Catholic bishops’ social justice arm — Catholic Charities — is about to come under intense congressional scrutiny. For a number of years now, as longtime followers will attest to, Church Militant has been chasing down … Read more

Open Borders Boondoggle: DHS Sends Millions More in Taxpayer Money to NGOs Facilitating Illegal Immigration

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aiding border crossers and illegal aliens are raking in millions in American taxpayer cash from President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an accounting of public records shows. This week, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the administration was sending more than $12.2 million to NGOs like Catholic Charities, the Salvation … Read more

Fr. Perricone: Is Opposition to Illegal Immigration a Sin?

To quickly answer the question asked by the title of this article: Of course not. But listening to most Church leaders today, a Catholic would think that it is one of those sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance (pardon that terribly antediluvian reference.) In fact, opposition to it is a mandate of both … Read more

‘Open Borders’ Pope Claims Europe Does Not Have a Migrant ‘Emergency’ and Impeding Migrant Rescues is ‘Gesture of Hate’

From Sky News: Pope Francis has challenged European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty, insisting the continent does not face a migration “emergency” but rather a long-term reality governments must deal with humanely. Francis said talk of a migration “emergency” only fuels “alarmist propaganda” and stokes people’s fears. “Those who … Read more

U.S. Bishops Worried Congress Will Stop Funding Their Illegal Invasion Gravy Train

  From Crux: U.S. bishops have consistently opposed the “Secure the Border Act of 2023” and the provisions outlined in the “Continuing Appropriations and Border Enhancement Act of 2024” budget proposal. Broglio said in his letter that the provisions are “counterproductive and harmful.” “My brother bishops and I continue to believe that such provisions would … Read more

Making Millions Off Open Borders, USCCB Celebrates National Migration Week

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is highlighting the overlooked right to remain in one’s country during its weeklong celebration of National Migration Week from Sept. 18–24. “For millennia, people have been forced to flee their homelands, seeking safety and security, because of factors beyond their control,” El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz, the … Read more

Catholic Charities of San Diego Just Received Another $13 Million of Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars to Enable the Illegal Invasion of our Nation

Catholic Charities of San Diego has now received nearly $30 million from our federal government in 2023 for migration-related expenditures. This week, the Department of Homeland Security announced another tranche of funding through the Shelter and Services Program (SSP) for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), states and local governments that will assist illegal aliens at the border. … Read more

Catholics and House GOP Question Bishops’ Cash Bonanza From Immigrant Smuggling

With no projected end to the chaos of illegal immigration at the Mexican border, some Congressional Republicans have decided to confront the religious agencies aggravating the problem — including Catholic Charities, which plays a pivotal role in human smuggling, as The Stream reported. Even conservative Catholics are organizing to oppose their bishops’ support of open borders. … Read more

WATCH: Catholic Charities’ Years of Funding Illegal Immigration

Your browser does not support the video tag.   If you needed any proof that the money-racket machine the U.S. bishops are running is decidedly Marxist and they have no intentions of reforming, just look at what happened recently at Catholic Charities. For the record, Catholic Charities is the bishop-run group that collects enormous sums … Read more

Catholic Bishops Shepherding Terror Into Our Neighborhoods

Editors Note: U.S. Catholic Bishops have been a major proponent in Biden’s open border policies. They are awarded millions of dollars in federal grants (your tax money) to assist the Biden administration in the trafficking of illegal aliens. Simply substitute the word “Bishops” for the word “Biden” in the following story. ————— MS-13 gang members … Read more