LISTEN: How Catholic Charities is Enabling the Massive Illegal Alien Invasion of our Nation with Your Tax Dollars

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, interviews Texas Representative Lance Gooden regarding the role of NGOs, such as Catholic Charities, in enabling illegal immigration.   “Many of these migrants are being aided, in fact, by [U.S.] nonprofits who are using our tax dollars to do the aiding and helping them … Read more

“Catholics For Biden” Cheer Miami Archbishop

A recent exchange between two prominent figures in Florida has exposed a seamy underside of the pro-illegal immigration efforts of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy and their connections with Joe Biden supporters. In the early 1960s, a clandestine American effort spirited some 14,000 Cuban children between the ages of six and twelve out of Cuba after … Read more

WATCH: DeSantis’ Spokeswoman Accuses Archbishop Wenski of Lying

Your browser does not support the video tag. More than 2 million illegal immigrants crossed into the United States through Mexico last year. That number doesn’t include those who evaded Border Patrol, but it does include countless unaccompanied children. Many of those minors were transported to Florida, where a war of words has erupted between … Read more

CatholicVote Files Suit To Obtain Information About Catholic Charities Involvement In Illegal Immigration

CatholicVote, an independent political advocacy group, has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration seeking information about how the government and church-affiliated groups, mainly in the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas, have gone about “facilitating a record surge in illegal immigration.” The lawsuit was filed under the Freedom of Information Act Feb. 4 with Judicial Watch. … Read more

The Catholic Cartel

  The Catholic Church is facilitating illegal immigration on both sides of the US-Mexico border using our hard-earned tax dollars. The Church has received over $2 billion dollars in federal grants since 2012, a large portion of which has gone to fund the resettlement of illegal aliens in our nation. In doing so, the Church … Read more