This Scandal Is About Homosexuality

This foreword was written after I wrote the rest, as forewords usually are.  This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written.  It was physically uncomfortable to hack this out, and I had to stop several times and walk around before taking up the sword again.  I suppose I will hesitate a few times … Read more

Why Men Like Me Should Not Be Priests

I am the sort of man the Catholic Church says shouldn’t be a priest. I experience what the Vatican calls “deep-seated homosexual tendencies,” which, according to the Church, make me an unsuitable candidate for the priesthood. The 2005 Vatican instruction on the question of homosexuality and the priesthood states this clearly: “The Church, while profoundly … Read more

Cardinal Burke: Pope Must ‘Take Action’ to Clean Up ‘Homosexual Culture’ in Church

This week Cardinal Raymond Burke addressed the new wave of clergy abuse scandal giving insights and observations as to how it needs to be addressed. In an interview with Thomas McKenna of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, Cardinal Burke discussed the recent scandals involving clergy and members of the hierarchy. When asked about what … Read more

Cleansing the Church of Clerical Sacrilege

It is time for clergy and laity to begin a movement for the purification of the Church. The shameful sexual sins and crimes of clergy—including cardinals, bishops, and priests—can no longer be tolerated. Tolerance is precisely what has allowed these problems to multiply for decades and persist up to today. As Fr. Thomas Berg recently explained, … Read more

PA Grand Jury: Cardinal Wuerl Paid Hush Money to Child Porn Priest

Among the most disturbing details in the 884-page Pennsylvania grand jury report was that then-Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh gave a priest involved in a child porn ring extra money in exchange for the priest’s silence. Not only that, Wuerl gave the priest a glowing eulogy at his funeral in 2001, even posthumously restoring him to full priestly … Read more

Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case

Following the long overdue revelations about the contemptible sexual misconduct of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, many authors have rightly expressed their indignation toward him and his episcopal enablers. In this article, I will try not to spend much time on ground already well trod, but will rather highlight some of the lessons from the McCarrick scandal … Read more

Chastity, for Each and All, is Central to a Life of Holiness

I know I am not alone in my sorrow over the reports of sexual immorality among the clergy of the Church from the scandals of abusive priests of the early 2000s to the more recent revelations of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s notorious predatory behavior, the letter of the Honduran seminarians about homosexual activity in their seminary, the stifled report of … Read more

Incompetent or Complicit? It Takes Former Seminarians’ Facebook Posts to get Cardinal O’Malley to Take Action in his Own Backyard

Cardinal Seán O’Malley is president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. He is also Archbishop of Boston. How bad is it when the guy in-charge of clerical sexual abuse for the Church worldwide has to be made aware of a problem in his own seminary by a Facebook post? From Rod Dreher … Read more

Canonical Reform Won’t End the Abuse Crisis, but it Can Help

Public penance should be the first response. Then let’s look at some basic improvements to canon law The official response to the allegations against Theodore McCarrick has been tiresomely predictable. First, the bishops expressed shock and disbelief; then they dutifully called for improved procedures to deal with offending clerics. Of course Church law, like the … Read more

Yes, “Consensual Adult Relationships” Among Clergy are Crimes Under Canon Law

Homosexual acts committed by or between clerics—even among those presumably able to consent—are at the root, the very root, of the sexual misconduct and cover-up crisis exposed by the McCarrick scandal. Who on earth does not yet know that yet? So my jaw dropped—which takes some doing these days—my jaw dropped when Msgr. Thomas Guarino, in an … Read more

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