Covenant House Promotes Transgenderism, Dispenses Contraception

Covenant House was established in 1972 by Fr. Bruce Ritter as a Catholic shelter for homeless and runaway youth.  In 1984, Fr. Ritter was hailed by President Ronald Regan as a “hero” as Covenant House grew as one of the most prominent Catholic charitable organizations in the country.  However, in 1987 Covenant House Toronto was … Read more

Was a Catholic Charity Complicit in the Murder of Laken Riley?

The story of the murder of Georgia college student Laken Riley by an illegal alien suspect named Jose Ibarra has dominated national news headlines this past week. Ibarra allegedly entered the US via El Paso, Texas in 2022 and was released from a detention center due to overcrowding. NewsNation reports that a suspect matching Ibarra’s … Read more