Buchanan: Will The Bishops Call Out Joe?

As a cradle Catholic and recipient of Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal, Joe Biden is outspoken in declaring that the principles and beliefs of his Catholic faith guide his public life. “Joe is a man of faith,” was a recurring theme at the Democratic convention that nominated him to become our second Catholic president. Biden has … Read more

A Preview To Today’s Culture War: Revolutionary Mexico’s 1930s Culture War Against The Catholic Church

Most of us are to a greater or lesser extent familiar with the stories of twentieth-century Mexico’s martyrs, the beatified victims of a bloody persecution under the country’s militantly secularist regime that reached its height during the 1920s, and particularly the martyrdom of Blessed Miguel Pro, who went about secretly administering the sacraments until his … Read more

Bishop Joseph Strickland Receives “The St. Thomas Aquinas Award for the Defense of Moral Truth” from the NAPA INSTITUTE

Bishop Joseph Strickland, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas and Founder of the St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization, received “The St. Thomas Aquinas Award for the Defense of Moral Truth” from the NAPA Institute. The Award cites the Letter the Apostle Paul wrote to Titus in the New Testament where … Read more

“Racism” Replaces Abortion As “Preeminent Issue” For U.S. Bishops

America’s bishops have been struggling to regain their balance ever since the lockdowns began. Financial ruin faced our schools, parishes, even entire dioceses. Catholics everywhere were starving for the sacraments. Recently, a brave few prelates dared to shed the onerous handcuffs imposed by their Blue State governors. Without the government’s permission, they announced that Catholics … Read more

All The President’s Critics

On June 1, President Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump visited the Knights of Columbus Shrine of St. John Paul II in Washington. There they honored the revered champion of religious freedom and laid a wreath at the foot of the statue of the great saint. To commemorate the visit, President Trump returned to the White … Read more

USCCB Staffers Reverse Bishops’ Decision On Abortion

USCCB “Deep State” Employees Defy Their Bosses At the USCCB’s annual meeting last November, America’s bishops considered updating their document entitled Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizens. The text, published every four years, represents a classic in the genre of boring, meandering memos prepared by large and cumbersome committees. Nonetheless the November debate on the document … Read more

Is Homosexuality Irrelevant To Clerical Sex Abuse?

The ugly and shameful topic of clerical sexual abuse has once again hit the headlines over the last year, prompting renewed questions about its causes. The authoritative John Jay College of Criminal Justice study (1) found that about 81 percent of clerically abused minors between 1950 and 2002 were males. Indeed, if we focus only … Read more

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