GRINDR in the Vatican?

The use of location-based hookup apps by officials or employees of Church institutions could present serious security problems for the Church, even at the level of the Holy See’s diplomatic and international relations. The use of such apps within the Vatican City State could be a point of vulnerability in the Holy See’s efforts to … Read more

USCCB General Secretary Burrill Resigns After Homosexual Misconduct Allegations

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, former general secretary of the U.S. bishops’ conference, announced his resignation Tuesday, after The Pillar found evidence the priest engaged in serial sexual misconduct, while he held a critical oversight role in the Catholic Church’s response to the recent spate of sexual abuse and misconduct scandals. An analysis of app data signals … Read more

President of Vatican Financial Authority had ‘Consulting’ Deal with Secretariat of State

Vatican prosecutors are investigating a potential financial conflict of interest for the former head of the Holy See’s financial watchdog authority, which leads anti-corruption efforts and other financial oversight duties in the Vatican. René Brülhart, who served as president of the Financial Information Authority until November 2019, was paid as a consultant by the Secretariat … Read more

Road to Nowhere: Vatican Made 7m Investment in Fake US Highway

A now-indicted senior investment manager at the Vatican Secretariat of State duped the Holy See into investing millions with a fake proposal to fund a highway in North Carolina, according to Vatican prosecutors. Enrico Crasso. The Pillar file photo Enrico Crasso is one of 10 individuals indicted by Vatican prosecutors July 3 for financial crimes. … Read more

Financial Watchdog: Internal Corruption is Vatican’s Primary Risk

The report from Moneyval, published Wednesday but originally expected to be released in April, presents the findings of a two-week onsite inspection of Vatican financial institutions last year, which wrapped up in October. The visit was the first time inspectors had visited the city state since 2012. The report primarily focused on the Institute for … Read more

Judas Bishops Revealed

The signers of a May 13 letter which pressed the U.S. bishops’ conference to suspend its conversation on “Eucharistic coherence” include 47 diocesan bishops, five of whom are cardinals, along with 21 auxiliary bishops. The letter and signatory list, sent May 13 to bishops’ conference president Archbishop Jose Gomez, urged that “all Conference wide discussion … Read more

60+ Bishops Lobby to Halt Debate on Communion for Pro-Abort Catholics

The Pillar reports: A group of more than 60 bishops has written to Archbishop Jose Gomez this month, pressing for the U.S. bishops’ conference leadership to suspend discussion “Eucharistic coherence” at the USCCB’s June meeting, despite a recent letter from the Vatican’s doctrinal office counseling the bishops to continue discussing the matter. Discussion on the … Read more

Why Did Bishop Stika Replace Investigator In Seminarian Probe?

Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville, Tennessee, sidelined an investigator appointed to scrutinize allegations of sexual assault and misconduct committed by a diocesan seminarian. The bishop told The Pillar he intervened because he did not believe the investigator appointed by a diocesan review board was competent for the task, and that he is convinced of the … Read more

Bishop Stika Faces Likely Vatican Investigation

The Vatican has received multiple allegations of administrative misconduct against Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville, and is expected to authorize an investigation under the terms of Vos estis lux mundi, The Pillar has learned. Complaints filed against the bishop allege that Stika impeded or restricted investigations into accusations of serial sexual misconduct by a seminarian … Read more

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