Francis Remains Silent on the Nice Attacks in His Angelus Address

Usually, at the Angelus/Regina Caeli sung each Sunday on St. Peter’s Square, the bishop of Rome mentions some important events of the past week that are of his concern. Today, Francis remained absolutely silent about the most terrifying event of the week for Catholics, the terrorist attack in Nice, which victimized three Catholics, are new … Read more

De Mattei: The Unknowns at the End of a Pontificate

The demission of Benedict XVI will be remembered as one of the most catastrophic events of our century, as it opened the door, not only to a destructive pontificate, but above all to a situation of increasing chaos in the Church. After seven years since that disastrous February 11, 2013, the life of Benedict XVI … Read more

“Columbus Noster Est!”

Christopher Columbus belongs to the Church, and any affront to him is directed at the Church, which has the duty to defend his memory. “Columbus noster est!” “Christopher Columbus is ours!” These words of Leo XIII, in his encyclical Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, issued July 16, 1892, on the IV Centenary of the discovery of America, … Read more

Is The Traditional Latin Mass Under Threat?

Could the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, that recognized the rights and continuity of the Traditional Latin Rite, be under threat? When the motu proprio was first published, there was a period of consultations of three years. It was defined by Pope Benedict XVI in his accompanying letter to bishops: “Furthermore, I invite you, dear Brothers, … Read more

When Shepherds Abandon Their Sheep

UPDATE: Bishop Coerver flipflops on confession ban after Governor tells churches they’re ‘essential services’ The worldwide situation is serious.  The underlying illness causing the situation is also serious. But the attitude of most bishops in most affected countries is simply despicable, repugnant, deserving all our contempt and disdain. Not content with having thrown the faithful … Read more

Was a Demon Enthroned at the Amazon Synod?

During the first press conference of the Amazonian synod Bishop David Martínez De Aguirre Guinea, O.P., one of the special secretaries appointed by Francis, gave a response that lends weight to reports that the shamanistic ritual conducted in the Vatican Gardens was, indeed, the worship of the pagan idol, Pachamama. Bishop Martínez said: “Those who … Read more

Will Your Bishop be Complicit in Perversion of the Faith by His Silence?

The first reactions in response to the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod were focused on its opening to married priests and the insertion of women into the sacramental orders of the Church. But the Instrumentum Laboris is something more: it’s a manifesto for liberation eco-theology which proposes a pantheist, egalitarian “cosmo-vision” , unacceptable for … Read more

Guess Who’s Coming To My Installation?

At the “installation” of Wilton Gregory as archbishop of Washington this afternoon, eyebrows were raised when disgraced Cardinal Roger Mahony was spotted near disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl in the sanctuary. Tweeted by Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein, it is a telling sign of where the Archdiocese of Washington is headed. Following his step down … Read more

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