WATCH: An Opportunity for YOU to Make Reparation for Sinful Bishops

  Mark your calendar for Friday, September 10 when the Coalition for Canceled Priests is hosting a Rally of Reparation in Chicago, IL from noon to 3:00p.m. The event will feature Fr. James Altman, Jesse Romero, Jason Jones and David Gray and will be lived streamed at for those who cannot attend in person. … Read more

Cardinal Cupich’s Week From Hell

Now more than ever we need to pray and make reparation for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Let’s just look at ONE week in review. Maybe you won’t think my title question too out there. One is totally free to wonder what in the heck is wrong with him. Sacrilege of the Eucharist is far and … Read more

The Sheer Panic Caused by Fr. Altman

Fr. Altman’s video is causing quite a panic in the lives of those Catholics who would mislead the faithful. They are in full out damage control. It’s like they’ve been collectively doused with Holy Water. First up, the ever-whining Fr. James “I’ve never met a doctrine I disagree with that I won’t hide from the … Read more

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