Why Aren’t Bishops Holding ‘Catholic’ Schools Accountable?

Tis the season of students heading off to college. Parents across the country tearfully wave goodbye, as the child they spent 18 years mentoring and guiding walks toward the dorm carrying Costco-sized boxes of granola bars. Then Mom and Dad pray to God that their child eats healthy, doesn’t party too hard, and goes to … Read more

The McCarrick Whitewash

The Vatican has finally released the long-awaited and long-delayed McCarrick Report. The document purports to be a thorough examination of how it was that a man who was widely known to be a sex pest and serial sexual harasser, Theodore McCarrick, was elevated to become a powerful and influential cardinal archbishop of the Diocese of … Read more

Even Saints Can Get Canceled

The vandals in St. Louis have a new target: St. Louis. The American city began as a French settlement in Spanish Louisiana. The French fur traders who set up shop there named it for Louis IX, the sainted French king whose Christian zeal and personal integrity caused him to be regarded by his contemporaries and … Read more

LISTEN: Pope Francis, Wayward Shepherd

In the first year or two of Pope Francis’s pontificate, conservative-minded Catholics made heroic efforts to place the perplexing ways of the new pope in continuity with the thought and deeds of his immediate predecessors. It was said that he had been a forceful critic of liberation theology, at least in its Marxist expressions, that … Read more

Victims of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse Sue Pope Francis

Victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy are suing Pope Francis, claiming he and senior Vatican officials knew that a number of priests molested children but kept the revelation a secret, the New York Post reported on Tuesday. The class-action lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, brought by seven victims … Read more

Vatican Using Donations for the Poor to Plug Its Budget Deficit

Only Ten Percent of Vatican’s Annual Peter’s Pence Collection is Spent on Charity An annual charitable collection from the Vatican which raises over 50 million dollars per year is primarily allocated to filling budget holes and just ten percent of the funds go toward helping the poor, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The collection, … Read more

A Depressing Synod

Michael’s analysis of the Amazon synod is trenchant and refreshing, as usual. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the synod has tested the faith of a good many Catholics who have watched as the princes of the Church, the prelates entrusted with the deposit of faith and the souls of the faithful, … Read more

The Crisis of Catholic Leadership

The Church continues to hit new, dysfunctional lows — and the faithful are noticing. In the last 48 hours there have been two big Vatican stories. First, revelations about the Holy See’s financial crisis; second, and more bizarrely, a furious dispute over statues being thrown into the Tiber. But really it’s all one story, the big story … Read more

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