Analysis: Accused Pennsylvania Priest Predators Preyed Mostly on Teen Boys

A LifeSiteNews analysis of the scathing  Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report reveals that the vast majority of reported sexual predator priests were homosexuals, most of whom preyed on teenage boys. Nearly three-quarters of the offending priests were homosexual, while only about a quarter were heterosexual. Fewer than than 3% of their victims were adults, and of those, most were … Read more

Cardinal Burke: Pope Must ‘Take Action’ to Clean Up ‘Homosexual Culture’ in Church

This week Cardinal Raymond Burke addressed the new wave of clergy abuse scandal giving insights and observations as to how it needs to be addressed. In an interview with Thomas McKenna of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, Cardinal Burke discussed the recent scandals involving clergy and members of the hierarchy. When asked about what … Read more

Catholics tell Cardinal Cupich: Clerical Sex Abuse ‘Has Everything to do with Homosexuality’

According to Pope Francis-appointed Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, homosexuality in the clergy isn’t the main issue in the sex abuse crisis, and saying so is a “diversion” away from the real issue, clericalism. Cupich, one of the most left-leaning, pro-gay bishops in the country, made these comments in an interview with America magazine. “In the weeks since allegations … Read more

New Bishop Blasts ‘Silence of so Many Bishops’ on McCarrick

A newly-minted U.S. bishop has pledged to “change the culture among clergy” and “rebuild trust” with the laity in reaction to the ex-Cardinal McCarrick sexual abuse scandal.  Bishop of Jefferson City, Missouri, the Most Rev. W. Shawn McKnight, S.T.D., issued a statement to his diocese which in a few words expresses the strong, if not … Read more

Cardinal O’Malley Fundraised with McCarrick Just Three Months After Receiving Letter about McCarrick’s Abuse

Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley continues to be close to the center of the now ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sex abuse scandal. Church Militant discovered that O’Malley invited McCarrick to an archdiocesan fundraiser three months after receiving a letter complaining of McCarrick’s predation. O’Malley runs a new papal commission on preventing child abuse. Of the damning letter, O’Malley says … Read more

How Bishops Can BEGIN to Restore Trust

Trust is the foundation for loving relationships and is essential, for example, for the stability and health of marriages.  As I relate regularly in my work as a psychiatrist with married couples, there is benefit in putting the struggle with trust in a spiritual-psychological perspective that goes back to the first human couple, Adam and … Read more

Moral Theologian: We Must ‘Eradicate’ Church’s Gay Networks to Fight Sex Abuse

The allegations of sexual misconduct made public in June against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick finally brought the decades-old open secret of the disgraced former cardinal’s sexually abusive behavior out in the open – also raising the question of the extent of the abuse, and how it was enabled and covered up by other U.S. prelates. At the same time the exposure of “Uncle Ted” and his impressive rise in … Read more

Catholics Blast Cardinal Wuerl’s ‘Solution’ to the McCarrick Sex Abuse Crisis

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s proposal to impanel a committee of bishops to investigate mounting allegations and evidence of systemic problems concerning the handling of sexual misconduct within the ranks of the U.S. bishops is being rejected––by esteemed laity as well as a fellow bishop. Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of the Diocese of Albany just issued a statement in reaction … Read more

Dissident Pro-LGBT Priest Given Free Rein in Cardinal Tobin’s Archdiocese

On June 24, 2018, at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Hoboken, New Jersey, the Archdiocese of Newark, Fr. Alexander Santora celebrated the Parish’s “first annual gay pride Mass.” At the beginning of Mass, Santora announced that he would offer a “special blessing” for those marching in the New York City gay “Pride” parade, which took place on … Read more

Priest: ‘Evil’ Gay Bishops ‘Persecute, Blackmail’ Faithful Priests Who Might Expose Their Secret

“Evil” homosexual bishops set out to “punish, humiliate and blackmail” decent, God-fearing priests if these threaten to blow the whistle on the gay “mafia” within the Roman Catholic church, says a parish priest. In the bulletin and on the website of the Epiphany of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church, Father Edwin Palka does not mince … Read more

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