Clergy Sex Abuse: Why Do We Still Need to Talk About This?

Often at the scene of a horrific accident, police will tell bystanders to “Move along. There is nothing to see here.” The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is a terrible tragedy and many laity feel they are being given this very message: “Stop talking about the priests’ sexual abuse crisis. It’s over. Move along now.” … Read more

The Screening, Protection, and Crisis Education of Seminarians

Fr. D. Paul Sullins, PhD, is a married Catholic priest. He was formerly an Episcopal minister and has been blessed with a marriage of 30 years and three children. Fr. Sullins recently retired as a Professor of Sociology at the Catholic University of America, and continues as Research Professor and Director of the Leo Initiative … Read more

What’s Behind the Abuses and Cover-ups?

It goes without saying that it is a terrible challenge to one’s trust and to one’s faith to realize that priests, bishops, cardinals, and heads of religious orders and seminary rectors have been capable of cynically seducing children and young people who served Mass, were students at Catholic schools, were in vulnerable positions in orphanages … Read more

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