Pope Accused of Playing God at Vatican Trial

A rare trial that puts a cardinal, his “lady,” and several con men in the dock inside the hallowed halls of the Holy See will start in earnest on Tuesday amid concerns that Pope Francis has made sure all 10 defendants will be convicted. It should be noted that the Vatican does not pretend to … Read more

A Widow’s Hunt for the Priest Who Preyed on Her Husband

Peter Fatovich seemed a happily married father of four when he took his own life in 1994. His wife would search for decades to uncover the tragic truth behind his death. On the morning of Tuesday, June 14, 1994, my husband, the father of our four children under the age of 5, kissed me goodbye. … Read more

Did Stolen Pope Charity Cash Fund Priest Party Pads?

The pope fired the head of his security detail and called in a mafia prosecutor to get to the bottom of secret London apartments, and what happened to money in his charity fund. A few hours before Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with his Vatican counterpart Pietro Parolin in Rome in early October, the … Read more

Was Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi A Vatican Sex Slave?

The family of Emanuela Orlandi, a teen with ties to the Holy See who went missing 35 years ago, just got a cryptic message that their daughter may be buried inside Vatican City. Pietro Orlandi is 100 percent sure that the Vatican knows a lot more than it says about what happened to his sister … Read more

The Sex Abuse of Deaf Orphans in Pope Francis’ Backyard

“Giuseppe” was born to impoverished parents outside of Verona in northern Italy with a congenital birth defect that left him deaf and mute. When it became clear that his parents could not provide for him—much less communicate with him—they brought him to the local Catholic church, which enrolled him in their Antonio Provolo Institute for … Read more

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