Leave a Voicemail for Bishop Callahan Regarding Fr. James Altman

Bishop William Callahan has requested that Fr. James Altman to resign his position as pastor. We have received reports that the Diocese of La Crosse is having trouble handling all of the calls being made to Bishop Callahan in support of Fr. Altman.  To assist the bishop, we have setup a dedicated telephone number for … Read more

WATCH: Fr. Altman Asked to Resign, But Has Refused and Will Fight

  “They want my head on a platter.”   In today’s homily, Fr. James Altman announced he has been asked to resign his position by his bishop, Bishop Joseph Callahan. As we all know, Fr. Altman has been subject to diabolical persecution for simply doing his job as a shepherd to his flock. Unfortunately, yet … Read more

Defend Fr. Altman From The Vicious Wolves

Fr. James Altman has once again become a target of Leftist media and activist groups. On April 25, The LaCrosse Tribune once again attacked Fr. Altman – this time for too many parishioners attending Masses in his parish. This story was rapidly followed-up with a petition launched by a Leftist activist group calling for Fr. … Read more

Bishop Hoeppner Becomes 9th U.S. Bishop Forced to Resign In Post-McCarrick Sex Abuse Crisis

  Over two years after Vatican Sex Summit, Bishop Hoeppner FINALLY held accountable.   ABC News reports: Minnesota bishop who was investigated by the Vatican for allegedly interfering with past investigations into clergy sexual abuse has resigned, the Vatican said Tuesday. Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Michael Hoeppner and named a temporary replacement … Read more

WATCH: Is Catholic Charities Employing MS-13 Gang Members?

    Last week we alerted you to the fact that Catholic Charities of McAllen, Texas appeared to be involved in the trafficking of illegal aliens. Now comes this video suggesting Catholic Charities may be using MS-13 gang members to assist them in this illegal operation. The woman sports a tattoo which is reportedly commonly … Read more

No Jab, No Jesus?

In his Sunday bulletin this week, Fr. Michael Haney, pastor of the National Shrine of the Cross in the Woods in Indian River, Michigan, is proposing his parishioners will need to get a COVID inoculation (its not a vaccine) before partaking of the sacraments at his parish. Requiring the vaccine would allow everyone to participate … Read more

$125 Million Dollar Lawsuit filed against American Seminary at Rome

An explosive $125 million Complaint was filed in a lawsuit on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 by Manhattan attorney Raymond W. Belair of Belair & Associates P. C. in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of former seminarian Anthony Gorgia. The lawsuit names New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan; the Archdiocese of New York; the Pontifical … Read more

Wilton Gregory Allows Biden to Profane the Most Holy Eucharist

President Joe Biden received communion during Mass on Sunday in Washington, D.C. even though he celebrated abortion two days before. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive Communion without having received absolution in the Sacrament of Penance (CCC #1415). In 2004, while Prefect for the … Read more

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