Boycott Peter’s Pence Collection

Although Peter’s Pence has been embroil in scandal, U.S. Bishops intend to proceed with the collection the weekend of June 26. According to the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the purpose of the Peter’s Pence Collection is to provide the Holy Father with the financial means to respond to those … Read more

Bullies of the LaCrosse Tribune

Meet Olivia Herken and Emily Pyrek, the two so-called “reporters” at the LaCrosse Tribune who helped manufacture the “controversy” resulting in the request for Fr. James Altman’s resignation.  As reported by Canada Free Press, the “Ladies of the La Crosse Tribune” published a column on April 25 seemingly made-up from whole cloth based upon an … Read more

Illinois Fundraiser for Canceled Priest

The Coalition for Canceled Priests is hosting a fundraiser for Fr. James Parker in Lombard, Illinois on June 24.  The event, entitled “Breaking the Silence”, will feature presentations by Elizabeth Yore and Fr. James Altman. Tickets are available at  Event flyer is below.

WATCH: 70% of U.S. Catholics are Heretics

Fr. Edward Meeks explains that belief in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is a prerequisite for being in Communion with the Catholic Church. A 2019 Pew Research poll showed 70% of self-identified Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence.  Thus, most U.S. Catholics are heretics, since belief in the Real … Read more

Dallas Humility March – June13

While we are bombarded with messages of pride this month, let us reflect on the word of God and His constant reminder that it is through humility that we are exalted. Indeed, it takes humility to submit to God’s will when we would rather be in charge; to choose chastity over sodomy; to choose life … Read more

PRIESTS: It’s Time To Choose Who You Will Serve

Today we are hearing story-after-story about faithful priests being persecuted by their bishops for speaking the Truth.  Fr. James Altman, Fr. Mark White and Fr. James Parker are just a few of the names that have most recently been in the news.  A few months ago we published a story about persecuted priests that included … Read more

How One ‘Ineffective’ Priest Raise Over $500,000 In Just 4 Days

UPDATE: As of 06/01/2021, total donations have exceeded $625,000. In his letter requesting the resignation of Fr. James Altman, Bishop William Callahan called Altman “divisive and ineffective.” In the four days since Fr. Altman originally made Bishop Callahan letter public, this “ineffective” priest has managed to raise over half a million dollars. As of this … Read more

Leave a Voicemail for Bishop Callahan Regarding Fr. James Altman

Bishop William Callahan has requested that Fr. James Altman to resign his position as pastor. We have received reports that the Diocese of La Crosse is having trouble handling all of the calls being made to Bishop Callahan in support of Fr. Altman.  To assist the bishop, we have setup a dedicated telephone number for … Read more

WATCH: Fr. Altman Asked to Resign, But Has Refused and Will Fight

  “They want my head on a platter.”   In today’s homily, Fr. James Altman announced he has been asked to resign his position by his bishop, Bishop Joseph Callahan. As we all know, Fr. Altman has been subject to diabolical persecution for simply doing his job as a shepherd to his flock. Unfortunately, yet … Read more

Defend Fr. Altman From The Vicious Wolves

Fr. James Altman has once again become a target of Leftist media and activist groups. On April 25, The LaCrosse Tribune once again attacked Fr. Altman – this time for too many parishioners attending Masses in his parish. This story was rapidly followed-up with a petition launched by a Leftist activist group calling for Fr. … Read more

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