Heretic Bishop John Stowe Participates Catholic Dissenters’ Pride Month Event

Catholic dissenters and LGBT activists on Tuesday hosted an online Pride Month “blessing” in reaction to a Vatican statement reiterating that same-sex unions cannot be blessed. Speakers made comments that rejected Catholic teaching, talking about “God’s triumph of queer love” or declaring that pride is not sin but “salvation” and “a promise of liberation for … Read more

What if Bishops Were Managers of a Corporation?

Catholic News Agency reports that a new Gallup poll released this week showed that the percentage of U.S. Catholics who say they are a “member” of a church has dropped by nearly 20 points since the year 2000. Catholics saw a twice-as-steep decline in members than did Protestants. Past polls have revealed that a majority … Read more

What Happened to the USCCB Working Group on Joe Biden?

Announced with much fanfare in November 2020, the working group has only met twice and is now rumored to have been disbanded. A source at the U.S. bishops’ conference (USCCB) has disputed the notion that a special working group formed to deal with new President Joe Biden was terminated prematurely this week. Reports earlier this … Read more

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Shock Troops Disrupt Respect Life Mass in Ohio

  A sign of things to come for in the new Cancel Culture Regime. Pro-abortion protesters disrupted the Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus Friday, where Bishop Robert Brennan was presiding at an event marking the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. “Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hate,” the … Read more

Cardinal Pell Shocked by Level of ‘Criminality’ in Vatican Finances

Cardinal George Pell has spoken of his surprise at the apparent extent of “criminality” involved in recent Vatican financial scandals. Speaking in an interview with Associated Press Monday, the cardinal, who led the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy from 2014-2017, said that he regretted that his efforts to bring tough mechanisms for financial transparency and … Read more

Vatican Finances and Cardinal Parolin’s Crisis of Credibility

On Saturday, the ongoing saga of Vatican financial scandal – or reform, if you prefer – continued with the approval of several new changes to Vatican City law on transparency and economic oversight. It also included the announcement that Cardinal Pietro Parolin will no longer sit on the reconstituted oversight board of the Institute for … Read more

Newark Archdiocese Bought SECOND Beach House for McCarrick

Months before officials in the Archdiocese of Newark sold a beach house used by former cardinal Theodore McCarrick for sexual abuse and coercion, the archdiocese bought a second beach house on the Jersey Shore, at which McCarrick reportedly hosted friends and courted donors. The second beach house, according to an investigative report from, was … Read more

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