Which McCarrick Network Domino Will Be the First to Fall – And Where Will it Lead?

By now, Catholics the world over are sick of hearing about the not-so-secret life of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Stories that involve unwanted touching of minors and seminarians, strange costumes, familial nicknames, and the Cardinal demanding that young men share his bed. Stories that involve “gay sex parties at the bishop’s residence”, and other things we’d … Read more

Sins That Demand Justice: How Clerical Culture Failed to Stop Sexual Predators

Amid increasing allegations of sexual abuse against the disgraced U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, the Church’s most respected advocate for victims of clergy sexual abuse of minors, broke the episcopal silence and pledged that Pope Francis would take decisive action against Cardinal McCarrick and other prelates facing similar allegations. The Church’s failure … Read more

McCarrick is ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Father Dariusz Oko became world-famous in 2013 for his bombshell essay on clerical homosexuality. In “With the Pope Against Homoheresy,” Oko asserted not only that homosexual priests and bishops have abused seminarians, teenagers, and children, but that there is a “mafia” of powerful clerics protecting these men and ensuring their advancement in the Church’s ranks. Today … Read more

Albany Priest Describes Culture of Harassment Under McCarrick

Father Desmond Rossi says he first met Cardinal Theodore McCarrick when he was a seminarian in Newark in 1986. He says that he had heard rumors that then-Archbishop McCarrick cultivated inappropriate relationships with young men, murmurings that appeared to be confirmed following a visit by the archbishop to the Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall … Read more

Uncle Ted’s ‘Special Boy’

When I speak to James by phone, I ask him what he would have to say to the people – bishops, priests, and laymen – who know who Theodore McCarrick is and what he did to people, but who are to this day keeping the old man’s secrets. “I would say, ‘What is so important … Read more

Bishop Paul Gregory Bootkoski

Current Role Bishop Emeritus of Metuchen, New Jersey Official Web Site: http://www.diometuchen.org/ Mailing Address: P.O. Box 191, Metuchen, NJ 08840; 146 Metlars Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA Telephone: (732)562-1990 What Has Been Reported A McCarrick protege — served as Vicar General of Newark under McCarrick; consecrated auxiliary bishop of Newark by McCarrick in September 1997. … Read more

Psychiatrist: Cardinal McCarrick Should be Laicized and His Enablers Should Resign

Men who find fulfillment in their God-given vocation as protectors of their wives, children, youth, marriage, the culture and their country find Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s long history of sexually aggressive behavior against youth, seminarians, and adults totally incomprehensible. As a psychiatrist who has treated priests who sexually abused youth and who has written a psychological … Read more

Archbishop John Joseph Myers

Current Role Archbishop Emeritus of Newark, New Jersey Official Web Site: http://www.rcan.org/ Mailing Address: Chancery Office, 171 Clifton Ave., Newark, NJ 07104, USA Telephone: (973)497-4002 What Has Been Reported Myers presided over a sexual abuse settlement involving McCarrick in the Archdiocese of Newark. Cardinal Wuerl claims the Archdiocese of Washinton DC was never notified of … Read more

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