Bishop of Tucson Checks all the Boxes for Ruling Class: ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’

“The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” – St. Athanasius, Council of Nicea, 325 AD. That spirited quote can be applied to all those who are elevated to positions of great importance. People who by their duties of high office can either greatly help or cause grievous harm to their fellow … Read more

Changing of the Guard at Leftist, ‘Earth-Bound’ Catholic NGO Fueling the Illegal Alien Invasion

A radical nun connected to the progressive ruling establishment via Georgetown University is departing her post as head of Catholic Charities USA, perhaps the number one NGO facilitator of the illegal alien invasion besieging this nation today. She is being replaced by a Georgetown and Yale Divinity School grad equally cozy with progressive ruling elites … Read more

Nun Spearheading Illegal Alien Invasion at Catholic Charities Is Dedicated Revolutionary With Elitist Ties

A U.S. Catholic nun who the progressive Left portrays as an apolitical angel of mercy to the “suffering migrants” pouring over America’s broken southern border is in fact a deeply committed social radical. Donna Markham has even used her elitist ties help thwart Catholic bishops’ attempts to prevent abortion from being covered by Obamacare health … Read more