Pope Benedict: ‘Gay Clubs’ Run in Seminaries

Gay “clubs” operate openly in Catholic seminaries, the institutions that prepare men for the priesthood, the late Pope Benedict XVI has claimed in a posthumously published book scathing of Pope Francis’s progressive agenda. In a blistering attack on the state of the Catholic Church under his successor’s papacy, Benedict, who died on Dec 31 at … Read more

Pope Says ‘Inequality’ Could Be ‘Worse Virus’

Pope Francis warned against excluding marginalised sectors of society from global solidarity and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic Sunday, saying to do so could result in “an even worse virus”. The Argentinian pontiff traveled outside the Vatican for the first time in several weeks to celebrate Sunday mass at a nearby Rome church to mark … Read more

Cardinal Brandmüller: Homosexuality To Blame for Abuse Crisis

A German cardinal on Friday provoked anger and controversy when he claimed the Catholic church was not responsible for sexual abuse by its clerics, and instead sought to pin the blame on homosexuality. “What has happened in the church is no different from what is happening in society as a whole,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller said. … Read more