The Last Battle: C.S. Lewis and Why the Corruption of Language Can Destroy the World

Thanks to a brilliant college professor and to author C.S. Lewis, I’ve finally figured out something that has always confused me. Namely, why the transgender madness that is corrupting the West angers me so much. Why does Dylan Mulvaney celebrating the government’s identifying him as a female, or Lia Thomas — a man — destroying … Read more

The Gay Persecution of Pastors Has Begun and It Will Only Get Worse, Thanks to Pope Francis

Well, that was quick. I wrote some 48 hours ago that Pope Francis had intentionally opened the floodgates of abuse against faithful Catholics — especially pastors — with the Vatican’s recent document directing priests to bless homosexual relationships in church. (Yes, the document was cleverly phrased, with just enough wiggle room to permit Catholic Scientologists … Read more

Pope Francis Opens Door to Blessings of Same-Sex Couples and Persecution of the Church

Today I got one of those emails nobody wants to receive. You know, the ones where a journalist informs you that the leader of your church has authoritatively endorsed grave, unrepented sin; mocked not just timeless and current church teaching but the natural law itself; and opened up faithful clergy to persecution by the State. … Read more

Now Serving Gay People – Not Serving Gay Doctrine

“Pastor, is your church gay friendly?” That’s a question more and more ministers are getting these days, one which can seem impossible to answer without incriminating yourself. “No, we’re not gay friendly?” That won’t play well, especially in light of Christ’s very inclusive invitation for all to come unto Him. (Matthew 11:28) “Of course, we’re … Read more

Why the Radicals Need to Hide Their Real Agenda

If Hitler had clearly articulated his demonic plans from the beginning, very few Germans would have followed him. In the same way, it was only after Fidel Castro came to power that he openly declared that he was a Marxist-Leninist. Had he done so earlier, clearly and in no uncertain terms, he would have undermined … Read more

Pope Francis May Have Just Accidentally Saved My Church by Bankrupting It

Imagine if a drug company had released a new medicine — let’s say, a vaccine — that turned out to have horrible side-effects such as (for the sake of argument) deadly myocarditis, which devastates people’s hearts. When it came out that the drug company knew all about those side-effects, and had energetically worked to cover … Read more

We Need Fiery Preaching to Awaken America

And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies. (Rev. 11:5) As I was teaching in Revelation, the verse above reminded me of what we desperately need today — fire! Commentaries are divided on whether it’s actual fire coming out the witnesses’ mouths in this passage above, or … Read more

Can the Blood of Christ Wash Away White Guilt?

Sitting down to write about this topic, I’m dealing with a feeling that’s alien to me: ambivalence. You really might be shocked if you knew how rarely I feel torn in two directions. Maybe … two or three times a decade. Facing this subject, however, I really am of two minds and must admit it. … Read more

Pope Francis Defends Islam as ‘Religion of Peace’

Pope Francis is at it again, misleading his sheep about Muslim violence, suggesting that it has no ideological component, but is a “perversion” of true Islam, which is peace. In his new book, Non Sei Solo: Sfide, Risposte, Speranze (You Are Not Alone: Challenges, Answers, Hopes), which was published in Italian and released on Tuesday, … Read more