Cardinal Pell: The Catholic Church Must Free Itself From This ‘Toxic Nightmare’

Shortly before he died on Tuesday, Cardinal George Pell wrote the following article for The Spectator in which he denounced the Vatican’s plans for its forthcoming ‘Synod on Synodality’ as a ‘toxic nightmare’. The booklet produced by the Synod, to be held in two sessions this year and next year, is ‘one of the most incoherent documents … Read more

LISTEN: Is Pope Francis Protecting A Convicted Sex Abuser?

Damian Thompson looks at the ever-deepening mysteries surrounding Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who was given a job assessing Vatican finances after he was forced to resign from his diocese in Argentina following allegations of abusive behaviour and financial mismanagement. Zanchetta received a lengthy jail sentence for abusing seminarians. But he’s serving his time in a comfortable … Read more

Bishop Burbidge Is Right About Gender Ideology

Activist priest Franciscan Father Daniel P. Horan claimed earlier this month that Bishop Michael Burbidge is transphobic after the Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Arlington preached against the dangers of gender ideology. Father Horan accused Bishop Burbidge of dehumanizing people who are trans and not basing his teaching on facts. Another critic, trans advocate … Read more

How Catholic Bishops Have Betrayed the Dying

While this article is written about the Catholic Church in England, many of the issues are just as applicable in other countries. Of all the sad and surreal things to happen in the past few months, the Catholic church’s decision to abandon the dying was, for me, the worst. The Church of England abandoned its … Read more