Normalizing Sodomy: The True Legacy of Francis

A few days ago, the head of the former Holy Office, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, went out of his way to let the world know that single mothers who repent and confess their sins should be allowed to receive Holy Communion. NEWSFLASH to Cardinal Victor: The Catholic Church has never said otherwise. I was educated … Read more

WATCH: Blessing Homosexual Unions a Done-Deal?

  In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a look at the ramifications of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s conclusion that the FBI views pro-life, pro-family traditional Catholics as “possible domestic terrorists.” Here’s the bigger problem: Pope Francis is carrying water for the FBI. How so? Watch and see. Continue reading at The … Read more

Francis Drafting New Document to Reform the Papal Conclave

The Remnant has learned that a Vatican document is currently under review by Pope Francis that would reform the papal conclave to exclude cardinals over the age of eighty from its preparatory phase, radically reshape the General Congregations, and potentially revolutionize who elects the Pope by having laity and women religious comprise twenty-five percent of … Read more

Open Letter to Francis: Why Are You Destroying the Religion of the Saints?

Dear Francis, We write to you as fellow sinners, in great need of God’s mercy. In various ways — especially through your Synod on Synodality and persistent opposition to proselytism — you have asked Catholics to have respect for all baptized Christians and their particular religious beliefs. This openness to the religious beliefs of others … Read more

WATCH: The Synod on Stupidity – We Must Resist

  Michael J. Matt addresses the Rome Life Forum and provides the Rosetta Stone for interpreting what the Synod on Synodality is really all about. The Synod’s final document punts the discussion of female ordination into 2024, and never even mentions the term “LGBTQ+ people”. Why is this? Is it a victory… or exactly on … Read more

WATCH: Another Priest Declares ‘We Must Resist’ Heresy

  In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father breaks down the recent statements of resistance by multiple bishops and cardinals against the Vatican’s Synodal Revolution. Next up, Father delves into the very idea of resisting authority, and explains the foundations for it found in scripture, history, and Church teaching. This humble and charitable … Read more

Our Lady of Akita, 50 Years Since the First Messages

The supernatural events that took place in Akita, deep in the Japanese countryside, between June 1973 and May 1, 1982, had the rare honor of being the subject of a pastoral letter from the local ordinary, dated April 22, 1984, authorizing the public veneration of the miraculous statue represented by Mary, and authenticating the supernatural … Read more

Cardinal Müller: ‘False Prophets’ will use Synod to Push UN Agenda

The final phase of the Synod of Synodality is approaching and will begin this October. Among the 400 participants (cardinals, bishops, lay people and religious) will be the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller.   Should the Synod approve the “blessing of homosexual couples [or] female diaconate,” … Read more