How Rome Lost the Vatican-China Deal

The Vatican’s recognition is the latest sanation by Rome of a canonically illegal move by the Communist Party controlled Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, which has exerted increasingly unilateral control over episcopal appointments in the country, even since the signing of a 2018 deal between the Holy See and Beijing. That deal was meant to unify … Read more

Expert Says McCarrick Not Competent To Stand Trial

An expert hired by the state of Massachusetts has recommended that Theodore McCarrick be judged incompetent to stand trial on decades-old sexual assault charges against the former cardinal. The expert’s findings were made public during a June 29 hearing in Dedham District Court, according to a statement from the Norfolk District Attorney. While the recommendation … Read more

Why the Hell do US Bishops Need a ‘Broad Consultation’ Before Banning Transgender Mutilations at Catholic Hospitals?

The U.S. bishops on Friday voted to move forward with reviewing and updating their directives for Catholic health care services, after several bishops emphasized that the process should include a “broad consultation,” including the voices of the transgender community. The proposal to review Part Three of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care … Read more

Vatican Will Ask Stika To Resign

According to sources close to the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops, Pope Francis decided last month to request Stika’s resignation, after reviewing the results of a Vatican-ordered investigation into the bishop’s management. Stika is accused of protecting Wojciech Sobczuk, a seminarian accused multiple times of sexual assault. Stika last year admitted to The Pillar that he … Read more

Cupich Restricts Eucharistic Adoration

The Archdiocese of Chicago is expected to restrict the exposition of the Eucharist during a national Eucharistic pilgrimage that will traverse the Chicago region next year, ahead of the Eucharistic Congress scheduled for next July. The anticipated restriction comes amid differences of emphasis and approach among U.S. bishops over the Church’s Eucharistic revival process, now … Read more

Milwaukee Priest Barred From Hearing Confessions After Advocating To Break Seal Of Sacrament

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced Wednesday that a priest has lost the faculty to hear confessions validly, after he published an op-ed supporting a bill that would remove legal protections for the confessional seal. Archbishop Jerome Listecki announced March 22 that he had “immediately removed the canonical faculties of Father [James] Connell to validly celebrate … Read more

Belgian Bishop Says Pope Accepted Policy Allowing Same-Sex Blessings

Immediately before participants in Germany’s “synodal way” voted in favor of same-sex blessings last Friday, they received a pep talk from a bishop in a neighboring country. Belgium’s Bishop John Bonny described how the country’s Flemish bishops came to publish a text allowing for a ritual blessing of same-sex couples last September. When the bishop … Read more