Biden Set To Roll-Back Trump Rules on Abortion

All U.S. bishops who refused to speak-out against Biden prior to the election are complicit in this crime against humanity. President-elect Joe Biden is expected to roll back several of the Trump administration’s changes to sexual and reproductive health programs, undoing a large portion of the president’s executive actions on abortion and women’s health. Abortion … Read more

China Once Again Reveals Its True Colors By Hacking Vatican Prior To Negotiations

The China-deal negotiated by Theodore McCarrick is the gift that keeps on giving. A cybersecurity firm has concluded that Chinese hackers penetrated the Vatican’s computer networks in recent months during the lead-up to negotiations between the Catholic Church and Beijing. The attack, reported Tuesday by the Massachusetts-based firm Recorded Future, comes as the Chinese government … Read more

Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Pressuring Trump To Lift Ban On Fetal Tissue Research

UPDATE: Bishops FINALLY Weigh-In On COVID-19 Vaccine More than a dozen House Democrats on Monday called on the Trump administration to lift restrictions on research that uses human fetal tissue to allow for studies on potential treatment for COVID-19. The lawmakers argued in a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar that such studies could lead … Read more