The NICE Synod

It will not surprise you that I find the ongoing Synod on Synodality undertaken by the Catholic Church at Vatican instigation to be amusing at best. Why? In part because it’s an epic exercise in navel-gazing. The West is in serious danger of being lost to Christianity, and the Vatican’s idea of leadership is to … Read more

Cardinal Screwtape

This essay in the Jesuit magazine America, by Cardinal Robert McElroy of San Diego (above, being made a cardinal by Pope Francis), brings the dubious insights of Critical Theory to the life of the Roman Catholic Church. It is an astonishing document that lays bare the agenda of Pope Francis — who made McElroy a … Read more

Catholics Respond To TLM Post

I had so many responses from Catholic readers and others on the Pope Francis/Latin Mass post that I decided to do a separate post. Let’s get started. A Latin massgoing reader sent in this piece published today, in which organizers of a gay Catholic conference received a personal letter from Pope Francis thanking them for … Read more

Filicide Of The Catholic Faith

Late last week, I made a trip to Krakow, and then to Czestochowa, to visit the Jasna Gora shrine, the spiritual heart of Polish Catholicism. Though I am no longer a Catholic, it was deeply moving to see so many Poles so openly devoted to Christ in the Catholic faith. Though Polish Catholicism faces tremendous … Read more

Stumbling Down the Synodal Path

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will convene again as part of yet another synod (a fancy Catholic way of saying “meeting”). This ironically seems to be the main function of bishops during the papacy of Francis, a man who once told his pastors to go out and be “living with the smell … Read more

Presiding Over A Collapsing Church

The diocese of Cincinnati has announced a plan to restructure the diocese and eventually eliminate 70% of the parishes. The “New Evangelization” is a Vatican call from some years back to Catholics to re-dedicate themselves to evangelizing. From the Cincinnati newspaper’s report: The Archdiocese of Cincinnati on Friday launched one of the most ambitious reorganizations … Read more