Former Vatican Official Angelo Becciu Jailed for Nearly 6 Years Over Corruption Scandal

The pope’s former deputy secretary of state and nine others have been found guilty in the Vatican’s biggest financial corruption scandal. Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Vatican employees and two outside Italian brokers were among 10 defendants described by Vatican prosecutors as “actors in a rotten predatory and lucrative system”. Becciu, the highest ranking Vatican-based church official … Read more

Francis and His Bevy of Catholic Heavyweights Preach Anything but the Gospel Amid a Stench of Corruption

A scathing article written by the late Cardinal George Pell was published a day after his passing in January, which described a key Catholic Church leadership group as a “toxic nightmare”. The Synod on Synodality is where mostly bishops from the religion conduct a series of meetings with Pope Francis to forge a direction for … Read more

‘Secret Deal’ Between Vatican and China ‘Backfires’ on Chinese Catholics

The Chinese government has been “very successful in gaining a great deal of sway over the papacy” through a “secret deal” negotiated between Pope Francis and the Communist party, according to Chaplains Without Borders Founder Father James Grant. While one in 14 Chinese are reported to be Christian, many are connected with home churches which … Read more