WATCH: Something Everyone (including Bishop Barron) Appears to be Missing about Dignitas Infinita

  Anthony Stine of Return to Tradition exposes the evil underpinnings of Dignitas Infinita. Below is Bishop Barron’s statement that Anthony refers to during his presentation. Friends, the Church published Dignitas Infinita, a document that emphasizes and highlights human dignity. Here are my thoughts after reading this new document. — Bishop Robert Barron (@BishopBarron) … Read more

WATCH: Is Ted McCarrick The De Facto Pope?

  Francis has elevated a number of highly questionable prelates to senior positions in the roman curia recently and elevated more questionable junior members of the episcopate to their first positions as the local ordinary of their own dioceses and many of them have something in common that a lot of people aren’t really talking … Read more

TAKE ACTION: Urge Your Bishop to Invoke Canon 87 to Preserve the TLM in Your Diocese

  In response to the dubia published by the Vatican regarding the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), Anthony Stine, a daily Catholic commentator at Return to Tradition, recommends lay Catholics contact their local bishop and urge him to invoke Canon 87 to preserve the TLM in the diocese. Canon 87 states the following: Can. 87 §1. … Read more

Francis’ Hermeneutic of Error and Envy

While there have been some notable attempts to help us understand the rationale behind the most recent motu proprio, Traditionis Custodes, the published reflection on the document by Italian Professor Massimo Viglione stands out because it is the only one that recognizes the sin of envy that is driving this latest papal attempt to destroy … Read more