FLASHBACK: Pope Reportedly called Biden a ‘Good Catholic,’ said to ‘Keep Receiving Communion’?

President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday (Oct. 29, 2021) that when he met with Pope Francis earlier in the day, the pontiff told the president he was a “good Catholic” and should continue taking Communion. The pope’s alleged remarks constitute an apparent rejection of some conservative Catholics in the U.S. — including some U.S. … Read more

Strickland Won’t Be Going Away Gently Into The Night

Reached by email on Tuesday, Strickland told Religion News Service he was unaware of any resignation request from the Vatican, saying, “I have received no information on this from Rome.” Asked whether he would resign if the pope asked, Strickland suggested he would resist, possibly forcing the Vatican to remove him. “As a basic principle … Read more

Bishops Should Immediately Excommunicate These ‘Catholic’ Lawmakers

A group of Catholic Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a “statement of principles” on Saturday (June 24) reaffirming their support for abortion rights and expanding on a similar letter directed at the American Catholic bishops two years ago. The lawmakers’ statement, chiefly organized by Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and signed by … Read more

Lawsuit Alleges Cardinal McElroy Transferred Assets to Avoid Paying Sex Abuse Claims

A law firm representing alleged sexual abuse victims in California is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, claiming the diocese fraudulently moved around real estate assets in an attempt to hide its wealth and avoid paying child sex abuse claims. The suit, filed Tuesday (Feb. 21) by the Zalkin Law Firm in San … Read more

WATCH: Banned from Communion in San Francisco, Pelosi Receives Eucharist in Washington DC

  Two days after Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco announced he would bar her from receiving the Eucharist in her home city due to her stance on abortion rights, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly received the sacrament at a Catholic church in the nation’s capital. According to Politico’s Playbook, Pelosi received Communion on Sunday … Read more

New Indictments and ‘Cardinal’s Lady’ Shake-Up Vatican Financial Trial

Vatican prosecutors issued new indictments Tuesday (Jan. 25) against four individuals involved in a financial scandal over the Roman Catholic Church’s money-losing investment in a London real estate deal, further expanding the number of defendants in what is already being referred to as the Vatican “megatrial.” All of the newly indicted are familiar figures in … Read more