Pope Francis’ Israel Remarks Spark Fury

Pope Francis has triggered a backlash from Jewish groups who see his comments over the Israeli-Palestinian war as accusing both Hamas and Israel of “terrorism.” The pontiff met Jewish families with relatives held hostage by Hamas, and Palestinians with families still in the Gaza Strip. He told an audience in St. Peter’s Square in the … Read more

Mel Gibson Says Catholic Church Needs ‘Housecleaning’ After Series of Scandals

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson has stated that the Catholic Church needs to undergo “housecleaning,” after being mired in scandal over the years. The Catholic Church has faced a number of unflattering headlines recently, most prominently for its record of handling sexual abuse cases. And The Passion of the Christ director Gibson, who was raised a … Read more

Vatican Consultant Fr. James Martin Urges U.S. Priests to Refrain from Telling People the Truth About Voting for Joe Biden

American Jesuit priest and Vatican consultant, Father James J. Martin, urged fellow Catholics and clergy against claiming a vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a “mortal sin” on Thursday. Martin, who Pope Francis appointed as a Vatican communications consultant in 2017, warned other Catholic priests against intertwining secular politics and their faith in … Read more