Cardinal Cupich Targeted with ‘Save the Latin Mass’ Billboard Campaign

In response to Cardinal Cupich’s movement toward a crackdown of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Coalition for Canceled Priests (CFCP) has launched a billboard campaign to have the Latin Mass protected from suppression. The “Save the Latin Mass” campaign officially launched Sunday in Chicago, where trucks with billboards displaying … Read more

Multiple Groups Funded by US Bishops’ Agency Belong to Vast Pro-Abortion Network

From 2009 through 2012, members of the Reform CCHD Now Coalition had regular communication with the leadership of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  Through the publication of reports, the coalition sounded the alarm on CCHD funding for organizations acting in direct opposition to Catholic moral and social teaching, which forced the CCHD to … Read more

Iowa Archbishop Urges Laity to ‘Liquify’ Dead Bodies Instead of Burying Them, Says It’s Better for the Planet

The Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa, has written to urge the faithful to reject “traditional burial methods” in favor of liquifying a corpse in order to be less “offensive” to the earth and environment. Archbishop Michael Jackels made the argument in a letter dated October 20 entitled “Alternatives to traditional burial methods.” Making reference to the “two people” who die every second worldwide … Read more

Abp. Viganò Warns US Bishops About COVID Jab

Your Excellencies, I address you, Archbishop Gómez, as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and to you, Cardinals Ladaria and Müller, for your competence, some serious considerations related to the so-called vaccines against Covid-19. I believe there are some aspects of the question that now allow for a more complete evaluation of … Read more

Pope Francis Compares Black Lives Matter Protests to Good Samaritan

In an address to the Fourth World Meeting of Popular Movements on Saturday, Pope Francis advocated for the destructive “protests” which broke out in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020, describing those involved in the movement as “collective Samaritans.” The Pope’s comments came as part of a longer speech on social justice, part … Read more

‘In the Name of God’: Pope Francis Calls on Big Tech to Censor ‘Fake News, Conspiracy Theories’

Pope Francis wants Big Tech to ramp up its censorship campaign of competing ideas and conversations that challenge accepted narratives, asking “in the name of God” that “technology giants” put a swift end to the spread of “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.” The comments came as part of his 38-minute long video message on Saturday … Read more

Faithful Priest Says Apostasy ‘Very Probably’ Ushering In the Apocalypse and Rise of the Antichrist

A faithful priest has warned that the events of the Book of the Apocalypse may be unfolding. This “parking lot priest,” one of the pastors who continued to say Mass during the 2020 church lockdowns, believes the current scourges have been ushered by the veneration of the pagan goddess Pachamama in the Vatican, which the … Read more

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