Bishop Joseph Strickland Wins National Pro-Life Award for Fighting Abortion

A Catholic bishop who called Joe Biden a “fake Catholic” for supporting abortion and who denied communion to Nancy Pelosi for endorsing abortion will receive an award from a national pro-life group. Earlier this year, Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas called out Joe Biden, saying he’s a “fake Catholic” for … Read more

Liberal Media Trashes Pope Benedict After His Death, Calling Him “God’s Rottweiler”

Why Have Most U.S. Bishops Failed To Respond? All three broadcast morning newscasts devoted full stories on Monday to the first day of public viewing for the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. CBS’s Chris Livesay was the most antagonistic to Benedict’s legacy, regurgitating once again the “God’s Rottweiler” epithet, and tagging Benedict as an “arch-conservative” … Read more

Archbishop Cordileone Slams Biden for Supporting Abortion: “63 Million Babies Have Been Murdered – It’s a Bloodbath”

Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone called out President Joe Biden this week for supporting the abortion “bloodbath” that has destroyed nearly 63 million unborn babies’ lives in the United States. The San Francisco archbishop has been outspoken in his criticism of political leaders like Biden who profess to be Catholic while openly advocating for the killing … Read more

U.S. Bishops Fail to Vote on Whether to Withhold Communion From Pro-Abortion Politicians

Your browser does not support the video tag.   The nation’s Catholic bishops will not vote on whether or not to withhold communion from pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden. “We are no longer proposing a national policy” regarding who may present themselves for Communion, Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Indiana’s Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese told delegates … Read more