Damning Evidence That CRS Involved In Anti-Catholic Sex Indoctrination

Catholics should only support charities that do not cooperate with evil. For over a year, the Lepanto Institute and Population Research Institute (PRI) conducted a joint investigation into Catholic Relief Services projects in three African countries: Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. Through a combination of primary resource materials obtained from federal documents, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), … Read more

WATCH: Lepanto Institute Calls for Catholics to Make Reparation at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – March 1, 2024

  This radio spot is being played in New York City the week of March 1, 2024, calling on Catholics to attend the 5:30 First Friday Mass of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. There were over 1,000 acts of reparation at St. Patrick’s – let’s make over … Read more

Catholic-Funded Organization Prayed to Demons

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) persistently claims to thoroughly review each grant applicant and that it never provides funds to organizations that act against Catholic moral or social teaching. Most recently, Bp. Timothy Senior, the current chairman of the CCHD subcommittee, told his brother bishops that the reports of the Lepanto Institute on … Read more

Lepanto Institute Just Sent This Message Regarding CCHD to all U.S. Bishops

A Plea to the Catholic Bishops of the United States Dear Excellency/Eminence, For the last 15 years, I have been alerting you to the fact that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) regularly provides funding to organizations that act directly against Catholic moral and social teachings. We have profiled hundreds of CCHD-funded organizations that … Read more

Campaign for Human Development Grantee Collects Pornographic LGBTQ Books for Minors at Youth Center

Over the years, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has provided grants to the organization called Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH).  From 2012-2018, the CCHD provided a total of $202,000 to CUSH, after which time it hadn’t received a grant again until the 2021-2022 grants cycle.  The recently published CCHD grants list for 2021-2022 … Read more

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Closes all Communication, Refuses to Answer Questions

Over the weekend, the Lepanto Institute received a letter from Bishop Timothy Senior, current chairman of the subcommittee for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), slamming the door on any discussion regarding serious concerns related to CCHD grantees while refusing to publish the most recent grants list.  Despite the CCHD’s vigorous commitment to “operate … Read more

Bombshell: Nation’s Largest Catholic Healthcare System Performing Abortions and Sex-Change Operations

  A new report by the Lepanto Institute shows that CommonSpirit Health, the largest Catholic health care network in the United States, is performing sex-change operations and other moral abominations. The 64-page bombshell report reveals that CommonSpirit Health, which derives its Catholic identity directly from a Vatican-established entity, has publicly admitted to the following: Performing … Read more

Catholic Priest Organization to Host Same-Sex “Married” Professor of Theology

The Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) has replaced a keynote speaker at its 12th Annual Assembly (taking place June 12-15 at the University of San Diego) with a university Theology professor who claims to be “married” to another man.  Cardinal Louis Tagle had to cancel his participation in the Assembly because he had been … Read more

USCCB Condemns Transgenderism But Takes No Action Against Funding LGBT Agenda

This past November, the Lepanto Institute published a highly detailed report on organizations receiving funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the official anti-poverty program of the U.S. Conference of Catholics Bishops. Despite repeated claims that the CCHD “never” funds organizations that promote grave moral evils, like abortion, contraception, etc., the Lepanto Institute’s report … Read more