Catholic Bishops Complicit in Child Trafficking?

Catholic Bishops bank billions facilitating the illegal invasion of America – so what if a few kids get trafficked as a part of their Cash Bonanza? Twenty-two state attorneys general said Monday more than 85,000 migrant children could be lost based on a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. The report issued … Read more

WATCH: Catholic NGOs’ Role in Illegal Immigration

  John Solomon and Amanda Head talk about Catholic NGOs, their financial backers, and the harm they put illegal immigrants through. “The truth of the matter is, a lot of these NGOs—if they’re Catholic, they’re protestant, whatever their faith background is—they’re actually putting these immigrants through some of the most heinous journeys that one could … Read more

Illegal Aliens Using Catholic Charities To Avoid Deportation

Illegal migrants are reportedly listing Catholic Charities addresses as their destinations to slow the process of their court hearings and stall any possible deportation. Both the Department of Homeland Security and Catholic Charities recognize that the phenomena is occurring, with DHS asserting that its agents have to accept any listed address a migrant provides, according … Read more