Archbishop of Dublin Says Priests Cannot Deny Same-Sex Couples A Blessing

Couples in so-called irregular unions, including same sex couples, cannot be refused a blessing by a Catholic priest, Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell has said. In a statement on Monday he noted how last month’s Vatican declaration on the matter said “prudence and attention to the ecclesial context and to the local culture” could allow … Read more

The Life of a Gay Seminarian

Until such time that Seminaries decide to get serious about screening criteria, these stories will continue to be common-place. Ydier and Axel are two seminarians whom I meet at the Mario Mieli cultural centre, in Rome. (Their names have been changed.) “There are about 20 of us in my seminary. Seven are clearly gay. About … Read more

‘All Optics, No Substance’: Survivors React to Vatican Abuse Summit

Clerical child sexual abuse survivors in Ireland and abroad have reacted with disappointment to the four-day meeting at the Vatican on the protection of minors, which ended on Sunday. In his final strongly worded address to 190 Catholic Church leaders from around the world, Pope Francis called for the eradication of child abuse “from the face of the earth” and how in “the … Read more