Amazon Synod “Priestess” Is a Pseudo-Marriage Lesbian

Should anyone be surprised? The woman in a grey or black clergyman-shirt showing-up during various Pagan events at the Amazon Synod is Emilie Smith, 56. (September 29) presented her as the parish-priest of St. Barnabas Anglican Church, New Westminster, Western Canada. While she was born in Argentina, she was raised and lives in Canada. … Read more

Cardinal Sarah: Church Has Become ‘Den of Darkness’ Because Bishops Avoid Truth and Clarity

From Gloria TV The Church is living a “mystery of treason,” a “mystery of Judas”, Curia Cardinal Robert Sarah writes in his new book “Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse” (Fayard), “The Church is dying because the shepherds are afraid of speaking with truth and clarity,” he adds, “We are afraid of the media.” As … Read more

Are German Bishops Fomenting a New Revolution in the Church?

  Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the German Bishops’ Conference, has called celibacy and Catholic sexual morals a – quote “encumbrance we have to get rid of” because they – quote – “impede us to go into the future.” Marx said this talking on Saturday to a Council of lay-people of his archdiocese. … Read more

EXCLUSIVE From the Nephew of the Cardinal Who Made Bergoglio a Bishop

  The McCarrick case has exploded in Pope Francis’ hands and into his face as Francis did not take the case seriously, the Argentinean author José Arturo Quarracino writes in an article published on Spanish Quarracino is a nephew of late Buenos Aires Cardinal Antonio Quarracino to whom Pope Francis owes his career. An already … Read more