After Death Of Cardinal Pell, The Gloves Are Coming Off

I firmly believe that Card. Pell would have been a “kingmaker” in an upcoming conclave because of his ecclesiastical experience, his personality, and his enormous moral authority after his persecution and unjust imprisonment. As one of my correspondents wrote, rightly, “Shall we see his like again?” I direct the readership to four necessary items to … Read more

Pachamama Bishop Convicted Of Sexual Abuse

This is Archbp. Emmanuel Lafont of French Guiana, retired, during the Amazonian Synod (“Walking Together”). He is “walking together” with the demon idol Pachamama, carrying it ceremonially and scandalously in procession into the Roman church Santa Maria in Traspontina. We read in La Crock that he was convicted of sexual abuse.  HERE  He was consequently … Read more

Bully Bishop Orders Removal of Kneelers

From a reader…. We had a kneeler for those who wished to kneel and receive on the tongue. The Bishop ordered kneelers removed from the three parishes in the diocese that allowed their use. This impacts the elderly and infirm. His reasons: We have the right to kneel but no right to a kneeler and … Read more

Words of Comfort for Catholics Whose Bishop Appears to Mandate Communion in Hand

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf offers advice to Catholics who find themselves in a situation in which it appears that their Bishops are restricting receipt of Holy Communion to in the hand. The 2004 document Redemptionis Sacramentum from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments still has force today for the whole Latin Church. … Read more

Amazing Coincidences: Pachamama Bowl – Vigil of Easter in St. Peter’s – Annuario Pontificio

At the end of the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) in October 2019, a black ritual bowl with markings associated with Pachamama, with demonic idol worship, was placed at Francis’ behest directly on the main altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, above the tomb of the Apostle Peter.  It had red flowers associated with that demon cult.  … Read more