Vatican’s ‘Trial of the Century’ Heads to British Court

A senior Archbishop is going to make an unprecedented appearance in a British court to be cross-examined over a £350m London property fraud case that saw Pope Francis authorise wire-tapping. In previous British legal proceedings the Vatican has claimed diplomatic immunity and refused to allow officials to appear as witnesses. But now Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, … Read more

Priest Who Stole Church Funds for Drug-Fueled Homosexual Orgies Jailed for Three Years

An Italian churchman dubbed the ‘pusher priest’ who stole parish funds to throw drug-fuelled gay orgies has been sentenced to three years and eight months in jail. Father Francesco Spagnesi, aged 40, and his legal team negotiated the sentence as part of a plea deal in which charges of drug dealing, trafficking and misappropriation were … Read more

A Most Unholy Scandal

Sex, lies and cardinal sin? The latest Vatican scandal has a plot like a Dan Brown novel and characters including the Pope’s saint-maker, his ‘Mata Hari’ fixer and a secret cabal accused of siphoning MILLIONS from Church coffers As a tidal wave of cash flowed into London’s super-prime property market, the deal that saw a … Read more

Millionaire Financier Raffaele Mincione Sues Vatican Over London Property Deal

Heather Mills’ former fiance has taken the Vatican to the High Court over a £450million deal that allegedly saw the Holy See use worshippers’ charitable donations to buy prime London property. Millionaire financier Raffaele Mincione previously owned 60 Sloane Avenue, which once housed the Harrods showroom, and has now begun two legal claims over the … Read more

Commission Report: At Least 3,000 Children Have Been Victims of Sexual Abuse by Members of the French Catholic Church

A least 3,000 children were preyed on by pedophiles operating under the guise of the French Catholic Church since 1950, a commission has found. Jean-Marc Sauve, the president of the task force, said 1,500 clergy and church officials are thought to have carried out sexual abuse on minors over the last 70 years. A hotline … Read more

Abuse Scandal Driving Away Donations: Holy See Lost Nearly $50 Million in a Year

The Vatican is rapidly losing money with donations plummeting as sex abuse scandals damage the Catholic Church’s reputation, according to a new book. Gianluigi Nuzzi writes that the Vatican lost nearly €44million (£38million) last year while its property empire made a loss for the first time. The Italian journalist, whom the Vatican attempted to put … Read more

Mobster Claims He Helped Poison Pope John Paul I

A mobster from the Colombo mafia family claims he helped poison Pope John Paul I with cyanide 33 days into his reign to stop the pontiff from exposing a billion dollar stock fraud scam. The startling revelation comes from 69-year-old Anthony Raimondi’s new novel ‘When the Bullet Hits the Bone.’ Raimondi was a loyal member … Read more

Philadelphia Priest ‘Raped A Teenage Altar Girl And FILMED It After Spending Years Offering Her Alcohol And Marijuana’

A Philadelphia priest has been charged over claims he raped a teenage altar girl and filmed the abuse. Armand Garcia, 49, is accused of attacking the girl in August 2014 while he was preaching at the Immaculate Heart of Mary church in the north of the city. Garcia allegedly met with the girl in private over … Read more