Blase Cupich’s Report Card On The Sex Abuse Summit

The votes have been counted and the results are in: Cardinal Blase Cupich has earned an “Epic Fail” for his role in organizing last week’s Sex Abuse Summit in Rome.  Headlines from both the Catholic and secular media alike show the Summit was essentially worthless: Things Went From Bad to Worse at Sex Summit Summit … Read more

Sorry Boys, We are WAY Past the Point of Press Releases

Is anyone else besides me tired of our bishops’ half-hearted responses to the pure evil we are witnessing in today’s society? Take, for example, this story from the Catholic News Agency on the Virginia bishops’ response to the recent U.S. Senate vote in-favor of infanticide: Virginia’s two bishops issued a joint statement saying they were … Read more

Deceased Whistleblower Claimed Friend of Pope Francis Involved In Human Trafficking

Natacha Jaitt, the Argentina whistleblower found dead this past weekend, conducted an interview in April 2018 that some now say may be linked to her death. Jaitt conducted a 20-minute interview with a man named Artyom Reshetnyak who claimed to have evidence linking Gustavo Vera and his friend Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) to criminal activity. … Read more

Whistleblower Found Dead: Accused Gustavo Vera, Close Friend of Pope Francis, of Human Trafficking

02/24 12:00 p.m. EST UPDATE Church Militant reports that Natacha Jaitt died two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking. 02/24 8:00 a.m. EST UPDATE LaCapital reports Natacha Jaitt died as a result of “respiratory failure due to acute pulmonary edema secondary to multiorgan failure,” … Read more

The Persecution of Faithful Priests

Have you noticed that it seems the only priests who are being silenced by their bishops are those who have the courage to speak the truth?  The most recent example is the story of Fr. Vaugh Treco which has been reported by One Peter Five: Fr. Vaughn Treco spoke out against the status quo, and … Read more

McCarrick Is Gone, But The Corrupt System That Created Him Remains

241 days after the news of Theodore McCarrick first broke last summer, Pope Francis has finally defrocked Theodore McCarrick.  It appears to be the first time that a cardinal or bishop in the United States has been defrocked, or laicized, from the Roman Catholic Church, and the first time any cardinal has been laicized for sexual abuse. … Read more

Is Blase Cupich Delusional?

Blase Cupich is the top United States Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis for organizing the upcoming Sexual Abuse Summit in Rome.  In an interview with the Associated Press, Cupich stated that he expects ‘significant progress’ to be made at the summit: “I think there is understandable frustration on that level,” said Cupich, hand-picked by Francis to … Read more

Bishop Daly Bars Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians From Receiving Communion

In response to the heinous abortion law recently enacted in the state of New York, Bishop Thomas Daly of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington today issued a pastoral letter in which he instructed all unrepentant pro-abortion politicians in his diocese to refrain from receiving holy communion. In the letter, Bishop Daly states: Politicians who reside … Read more