We Need Bonhoeffers Instead of Complicit Clerics

German Lutheran pastor and theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is a well-known anti-Nazi dissident whose prophetic preaching against Hitler led to his being stripped of his clothing and led naked into the execution yard of the Flossenbürg concentration camp where he was executed by hanging on 9 April 1945. His life and ministry stand in stark contrast … Read more

Why Bishop Fisher Will Likely Not Be Sacked

It was reported recently that concerned Catholics of the Buffalo Diocese have written to the Vatican requesting that Bishop Michael Fisher be removed. Some people familiar with Fisher’s background in the Washington Archdiocese are not surprised with this development.  Just as Cardinal Wilton Gregory was appointed to cover up for disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl who … Read more

“Zero Tolerance” for Abuse Victims

Lafayette Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel has come under fire amid media reports that he excommunicated Deacon Scott Peyton after his teenage son was sexually abused by Lafayette Father Michael Guidry.  Faithful Catholics are slamming Deshotel’s claim that Peyton “sever[ed] ties with the Catholic Church” by writing to him with concerns about clerical sex abuse cover-ups.  … Read more

Throng of Thongs

“There’s no one better than the trannies, y’all, we are f****** everything!” Cecilia once screamed at a party.“I’m asking all my trans people in the room, please, always, always terrorize cisgender people. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, you just have to show up!” “I want all the faggotry. I want all the tranny behavior.” ~Cecilia … Read more

Americans Aren’t Fooled by Joe Biden’s Claim he is a “Devout Catholic,” but Bishops Certainly Seem to Be

According to a recent poll conducted by Pew Research: A significant portion of the American population remains unconvinced by Biden’s portrayal of himself as a devout Catholic. n late February, the survey revealed that only 13% of Americans view Biden as “very religious,” while 41% perceive him as “somewhat religious.” Meanwhile, a substantial 44% of … Read more

Donors Giving To Dolan Shocked To Learn Where Their Money Went

A growing number of Catholics are blasting Cardinal Timothy Dolan for launching a multi-million dollar annual stewardship appeal amid scathing new findings that he is making New York parishioners unknowingly fund actively-ministering accused sex abusers.  Slamming Dolan’s request for more than $21 million as a “shameless money grab,” Catholics are vowing to defund the New York Archdiocese until the Vatican defrocks the scandal-plagued … Read more

WATCH: From Predators to Pastors?

  Cardinal Dolan has New York Catholics unknowingly funding accused sex abusers. More than 3,300 recent sex abuse lawsuits in New York State naming 2 cardinals, 11 bishops, and over 1,100 priests have brought to light explosive new revelations against Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other Church leaders.  After the Child Victims Act and Adult Survivors Act brought to … Read more

Was a Catholic Charity Complicit in the Murder of Laken Riley?

The story of the murder of Georgia college student Laken Riley by an illegal alien suspect named Jose Ibarra has dominated national news headlines this past week. Ibarra allegedly entered the US via El Paso, Texas in 2022 and was released from a detention center due to overcrowding. NewsNation reports that a suspect matching Ibarra’s … Read more

Is Bishop Seitz Complicit in the Crimes of Illegal Aliens?

Bishop Mark Seitz is the Bishop of El Paso and Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration.  Seitz has been a long-time advocate of open borders. He has most recently been in the news for attacking Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempt to hold Ascension House, an El Paso-based Catholic charity, … Read more